Gone from SL’s Inworld, but not gone from designing stuff…

Wunderlich’s main store in SL doesn’t exist any more. This is due to the fact that the income just didn’t justify having an inworld store any more.
However, many of my products are still available at the SL Marketplace.

I have now ventured into RL designing. To be specific, I have stores on:

Spoonflower for fabrics, wallpaper and wall decals;

Cafepress for a variety of designs printed on many products such as phone cases, rugs, shirts, curtains, jewelry and so on;
another Cafepress store for HDR color enhanced classical paintings;
and yet another Cafepress store for customizable photo frames;

and, last not least, the same on Zazzle:
One for a variety of designs, printed on shirts, ties, mugs, cans and so on;
another one for HDR enhanced classical paintings;
and the one for customizable photo prints.

I hope that you will still love my new RL stores if you liked the SL store 🙂

This website will remain connected for the purpose of documentation; but I just don’t see myself creating for SL any more.

The Crystal Palace in SL!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally built what I wanted to build ever since I came to SL; the Crystal Palace in SL!
My SL reproduction is „just“ half the size of the original Crystal Palace, but still one sim long, and 1/4 sim wide!
If you have no idea what the ‚Crystal Palace‘ was, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crystal_Palace for details.

Here are some impressions of my SL reproduction (a documentation of the construction progress can be found here, by the way!):

Crystal Palace SL 1

Crystal Palace SL 2 

Crystal Palace SL 3  

Crystal Palace SL 7

Crystal Palace SL 4

Crystal Palace SL 5

Crystal Palace SL 6

Crystal Palace SL 8

Also, there’s some kind of little ‚game‘ in the fountain well on the north end of the building:

– try to find the leaves that can carry you! 🙂

If you’re visiting the Crystal Palace, you’ll need to set your viewer to a high draw distance.
To be precise, if you’re standing at the very center, you’ll need at least 128 meters draw distance if you want to see the entire building – more if you walk to either side of it. As I said, it’s one sim long (that’s 256 meters!)!

Here’s the landmark to the center of the building:

Hope you enjoy the Crystal Palace in SL; feel free to spread the news about its existence!

Best wishes,

New skin: Wunderlich’s Jack

My latest skin release is ‚Jack‘, a realistic male, afro-american skin, which comes in three different versions: Two hairbases (smooth and braided) as well as bald. Also, Jack comes in five different skin tones:

The ‚Jack‘ skin is L$500 per skin tone (for all three skins and the shape), but the single skins are also available (at L$199 per skin).
He’s available at my inworld skin store as well as at my SL marketplace store (where, however, only the full packs are available – the single skins are only available at the inworld store!).
Of course there are also free demos available; at the inworld store as well as at the SL marketplace!

Hope you like the latest release 🙂

Wunderlich’s knitted turtleneck

First, I made a video while I was creating my latest release from start to finish (click the picture to watch it on Youtube !)….

Creating realistic clothing for SecondLife from start to finish!

-…and now I’ve release the knitted sweater that I’ve created while recording this video in nine different colors!

The knitted turtleneck is L$99 per color. It’s available at my inworld store – it’s currently at the latest releases wall near the TP point of my main store and, of course, also at the ‘Modern Clothing’ building.
Also, of course, it’s available at my marketplace store!
Hope you like the latest release :-)

New at Wunderlich’s-Rococo Embroidered fan and man’s cap

Hi everyone!
I have two new releases.

First, a Rococo / Baroque fan with built-in custom fan AO:

The fan is part of my Rococo clothing line and historically accurate for c. 1660-1790. Fans like these were used way more than the folding fans, since basically everyone could create them. Also, they made nice gifts since they were easily embroiderable and, therefore, personizable.
The fan is available in 8 different colors. I also have a demo version for 0L$ in case you’d like to try the fan with the animation before you buy. The actual version is copy / mod; that’s valid for the fan as an object as well as the AO, so in case you decide to do so, you can add your own animations to that AO.

Also, I have released an embroidered Rococo Men’s Cap.

This, too, is part of my Baroque / Rococo clothing range and historically accurate for c. 1660-1790. Caps like this one were usually worn inside the house, instead of a wig.
(Of course, since this is such a nice floral embroidered hat, if not required to be historically accurate, it can also be worn by women, or by day, even! *lol*)
The cap is available in nine different colors.

Both the fan and the cap are L$ 199 per color.

All the new releases can be found at my main store:
and, of course, also at my marketplace store:
(Copy and paste that last line into your browser!)

Hope you like the latest releases!
Best wishes,