Wunderlich’s animated textures ‚falling letter‘ avatars!

I’ve just released my line of female avatars which have animated textures with ‚falling letters‘ as ’skins‘ on them!
Yes, that’s right – a Matrix style avatar for SecondLife. You, too, can be Trinity today!

Here’s a Youtube video showing them in motion:

I have released them in several colors. Please click the following images to be take to the color listings on XSL:


Of course, they’re also available at my main store, here:


And here are the FAQ about them:

1.) Your avatars are female. Where can I find a male version?
I haven’t released a ‚male‘ version of my avatars yet. I do plan to do so in the future.

2.) You avatars don’t wear clothing.
That’s correct, the current versions don’t wear clothing. I plan on releasing clothed versions for the male and female avatars as well.

3.) How did you do it? I thought skins couldn’t have animated textures on them in SL!
That is correct. Technically, the animation you see isn’t a ’skin‘. The entire avatar is covered with sculpties in body part shapes, which, in return, have the animated textures on them. Beneath that is a special (modifyable) shape and skin.

4.) Does the avatar come with any AOs?
No, it doesn’t.

5.) Can I still wear my own clothing with the avatar?
Depends. If you have the skills to link your clothing (which MUST be prim clothing!) to the sculpties that form the body parts, then yes. In case you’re asking if you can wear system clothing (those are the clothing items in your inventory that do NOT have the ‚box‘ icon in front of them) with the avatar, then no. As I said in answer to question 2.) however, I do plan on releasing ‚dressed‘ avatars (which consequently will have the animated textures on their clothing as well) too.

6.) Can I resize the avatar?
The short answer: Yes, you can, since it’s copy and mod.
The longer answer: Yes you can since it’s copy and mod, BUT you should have extremely well building skills in SL. Since there are so many sculpties involved, of which some have to have exactly the same size on each side (the ones on left/right leg and arm, to be precise), it’s a little tricky.
IF you plan to resize the avatar, I STRONGLY recommend to
a) do it on a posestand,
b) to resize the shape first (just for avatar height, NOT for anything else!) and then match the sculpties to the avatar shape. Also,
c), do it on a copy of the original avatar items (sculpties, shape etc.) so you can always jump back to the original avatar and see how the assembly originally was done there.

7.) Which attachment points do the sculpties use, and which attachment points can I still use when wearing the avatar?
Ah, here we go.
The avatar USES: Left & right eye, left & right upper legs, left & right lower legs, left & right upper arms, left & right lower arms, hip, left & right foot, left & right hand, left & right shoulder, stomach, spine, chest, skull and chin.
Therefore, you have the following attachment points left to use for other stuff: Mouth, left & right ear, nose, left & right hip, left & right pec. And, of course, all HUD attachment points on screen, since the avatar uses neither of them.

8.) Where did you get the sculpties?
I made them. In Blender.

9.) Where did you get the textures?
I made them, using Ulead GIF animator and Photoshop CS4 extended.

10.) Will you do other versions of the avatar?
Why yes, thank you, I have fire / water / air / lava / falling leaves etc. avatars in planning.

11.) Can I use your avatars in videos, dance shows etc.?
Of course you can. It would be somewhat nice if you would give me credit for the avatar creation, but it’s not a requirement.

12.) What do I do if I have any more questions?
You can contact me, of course – just IM Naergilien Wunderlich inworld 😉

…hope you like them 🙂

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Steadman KondorAugust 10th, 2009 at 12:09 pm

Wonderful yes I do like them 🙂 It’s a big thrill to see something so strikingly original and Awesome! Looking forward to the rest in the range.

N. WunderlichAugust 10th, 2009 at 12:21 pm

Thank you 🙂
I’m currently working on the male avatars. The sculpties and bakes are finished, right now I’m working on the animated textures. Oh and then I have to do the setup for a male avatar inworld.
Not to speak of having some sort of obligation to make another movie when I have finished them 😉 I’m *so* looking forward to seeing the males dance with the females! 😀

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