Wunderlich’s Empress Elisabeth – Victorian Court dress

I’ve released the ‚Empress Elisabeth Hungarian Coronation dress‘. It’s a copy of the dress Empress Elisabeth of Austria – also known as ‚Sisi‘ or ‚Sissi‘ – wore when she was crowned as Queen of Hungary.

Some general pictures first – a painting of the Empress wearing the gown; another one showing the gown in SecondLife:




The gown comes with quite a few options for wearing, all of which I’ve described (hopefully comprehensive!) in the following picture (click to show a larger version!):


Color options for this gown? Why, yes, as usual – many of them; all behind the cut – together with some information on the hairstyle, which I also released seperately 🙂


Sisi Hungarian - Black color

Sisi Hungarian - Blue color

Sisi Hungarian - Brown color

Sisi Hungarian - Dark Gold color

Sisi Hungarian - Emerald color

Sisi Hungarian - Magenta color

Sisi Hungarian - Moss color

Sisi Hungarian - Ocean color

Sisi Hungarian - Pink color

Sisi Hungarian - Purple color

Sisi Hungarian - Red color

As already mentioned, I also released the matching hairstyle. It’s available in several color packs; a demo version is available as well.

Empress Elisabeth Hairstyle1


All dress colors as well as the hair can currently be found at the ‚Latest Releases‘ wall near the TP point at my main store. Enjoy 🙂

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Mode: Wunderlich’s « Momos BlogOktober 2nd, 2009 at 4:25 pm

[…] Königin trug. In diesem Blog findet ihr ein Bild eines Gemäldes, das Sissi in diesem Kleid zeigt: http://www.wunderlichs-garb.info/?p=153. Beim Kleid sind stilistisch passende Schuhe […]

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