Three new photorealistic dresses at Wunderlich’s!

I’ve just released three new photorealistic dresses!

The ‘Velvet Chains’ dress:
It comes with two shirts (with sleeves and as a ‚corsage‘), a babydoll flexi prim skirt for ‚modern‘ wear, a doubled, long flexi prim skirt for Regency wear; a short single prim skirt for modern wear and several pairs of pants.

The babydoll skirt shown here is fully flexi, with no less than 40 prims. The chain is an extra flexi prim for added realism (see right picture). 
This dress also comes with a doubled, long flexi skirt:

That long flexi prim skirt is actually doubled to prevent penetration of hips and legs. See this image for details:

I’m offering the ‚Velvet Chains‘ dress in no less than 29 (twenty-nine!) colors; each of which is L$400 and comes with all skirt / pants options.

The ‘Angela’ dress (originally planned to be released on the 31st of July, as the picture says; but that, unfortunately, wasn’t possible):

Angela comes in 24 colors, of which ‘Wine’ is shown above. It comes with a long flexi skirt and a flexi shoulder scarf attachment. Each color is L$300.

Last not least, the ‘Draped Roses’ dress:

People who saw it on my Flickr stream before the release said that it looks ’so J-Lo!‘ *lol*!
This dress comes with the long flexi skirt shown here as well as with a short, single prim skirt. It can also be worn with included, matching ‘hot pants’. ‘Draped Roses’ is available in 24 colors at L$350 each.

All the new releases are available at the ‚Latest Releases‘ wall of my Main Store; here is the SLURL: 

Hope you like the new releases 🙂

Best wishes,

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