It’s a wrap – Wunderlich’s new release: The Stripwrap suit!

Hello 🙂

I just released a new suit. I call it the ‚Stripwrap suit‘ – think ‚Egyptian Mummy, but sexy‘! – a seamless body wrap made from sheer, frayed cotton gauze strips. Each color pack of the suit has three versions included – clean, blood-stained and dirty:

The suit can be worn on underpants / undershirt layer or the tattoo layer – all of those are included, for each f the three versions. You only need to wear either the undershirt / underpants layer or the tattoo layer; both worn at the same time would actually destroy the partial sheerness of the suit.
By the way, I spoke of colors. The suit is available in 20 single colors; and also as a fat pack with all 20 colors (and, of course, all three versions of each color!) included. Here is a picture of all the colors:

Each single color in three versions is L$199; the fat pack with all 20 colors is L$2,199.

The suit is currently available at the ‘Latest Releases’ wall of my main store (near the TP point at and of course also at my skin store (which is also not too far from said TP point) at 🙂

Hope you like the new release 🙂

Best wishes,
Naergilien Wunderlich

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