Wunderlich’s has been rebuilt!

Since 2008, the Wunderlich’s main store has been on an L-shaped parcel; therefore, the store layout, too, had to be L-shaped – which resulted in quite a few problems, with people not knowing where to walk.

That has changed now – Wunderlich’s is now basically the entire sim 😀 So I had to rebuild.

The ‚Historical Garb‘ still has one building for each period – Medieval / Renaissance / Elizabethan, Rococo / Regency, Victorian and Edwardian as well as historical movie costumes.
Also, there are buildings for skins, animated avatars, hair, jewelry, two buildings for shoes (modern and contemporary), sculptures, furniture, textures / resource packs, affiliate vendors, modern clothing, beachwear, belts – and there’s even a satellite store of GrimBros with Steampunk items.
All the stores are arranged in a neat square around the center teleport point, so no more asking yourself which direction you should go for which building – you can access (and see!) all of them from the center 🙂

Come and visit the new Wunderlich’s!

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