New release: Wunderlich’s ElecTRON 1 – full body tattoo, skin and suit package

Each ElecTRON 1 color package contains:
– a system shirt (part of the suit – wear either this OR the jacket if you want to wear the suit!);
– a system jacket (same as above – wear either this OR the shirt if you want to wear the suit!), but – like the shirt – should NOT be worn with the skin, since the built-in shadows of the shirt / jacket collar would look weird on the skin except if you’re wearing a different colored skin (i. e. blue suit / pink skin),
– a system underpants (part of the suit);
– system socks (part of the suit);
– system tattoo – this can be worn with the suit or without the suit;
– a skin.

There’s a demo version available for 0L$ (which just contains the watermarked skin and tattoo, so you have a better opportunity to decide for a color – the suit parts are NOT included with the demo version!).
The ElecTRON 1 package is L$ 499 per color, or L$3499 per fat pack.

The available colors are:


The ElecTRON1 packages are available at Wunderlich’s skin store.

Hope you like the latest release!

Best wishes,

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