Fundraising Soirée for the SL Shakespeare Company!

Wunderlich’s is proud to announce a Fundraising Soirée for the SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC), coming on Sunday, 14th of December 2008, from 2 – 4 PM SLT at the lovely Aobhach House in the Stained Glass Ballroom at Caldeon Highlands (SLURL: ).

Among other items to be auctioned off, Wunderlich’s will donate the following two items:

First, a jewel – a copy of Mary Tudor’s favourite jewel, which she wore in many paintings (see this page – scroll down to „4. Mary Tudor’s favourite jewel“ to find out more about it!).


This jewel – which can be worn as a chest attachment – will only exist 52 times in SL:
#0a will belong to me. #0b will belong to Ina Centaur, who runs the SL Shakespeare Company. #1 will be auctioned off at the Fundraising soirée. #2 is already reserved for a buyer who wants to go unnamed.
The numbers #3 – #50 will be available at my shop and in the SLSC gift center – near the SL Shakespeare Globe – from the next week on, at a price of L$ 2,000 each. The earnings from the sales of this jewel will entirely go to the SLSC.

Some images (which can be clicked to enlarge them!):

 Tudorjewel_front Tudorjewel_back Tudorjewel_engraving

You will notice that the backside of the jewel holds an engraving, telling you the exact number of the jewel. This engraving was made for each and every copy of the jewel with the corresponding number. You can tell from the image above, as described, that you’re looking at my copy.

Second, I will donate a one-of-a-kind gown. Click the images to enlarge them!

I made a close-as-possible SL reproduction of the above shown ‚Rainbow‘ portrait gown by Queen Elizabeth I., painted in 1603, showing the Queen in an iconographic gown which could also have been worn at an Elizabethan masquerade:

Elizabeth I. - Rainbow Portrait gown, 3. Elizabeth I. - Rainbow Portrait gown, 2. Elizabeth I. - Rainbow Portrait gown, 1.

This gown is REALLY one-of-a-kind (OOAK). Only THREE copies of it will exist in SL:
One, obviously, belongs to me. Another one will go to the wardrobe of the SLSC, to be used in their plays. The third is actually the ONLY one that will be available to the public; it will be auctioned off at the Fundraising Soirée.
It can be worn in several ways; with/without the loose gown, with / without the jewels; and I don’t think I’m exaggerating if I say that this is the most complicated gown I made so far in SL.

Others have donated / made items for the auction as well; just to name a few: Alastair Whybrow; Aberdon Enigma and SimplyAmy Iwish.

If you need more information, there’s a notecard giver by the entrance of my store (titled ‚Christmas at Highlands‘, showing the hosts of the Soirée, Aberdon Enigma and Fauve Aeon, on a dark blue background). It also has the ‚Rainbow portrait‘ in the lower left corner.

I sincerely hope to see you at the Soirée! In case you have any questions… ask them here, or IM Fauve Aeon inworld. Bids in absence can also be placed with her.

Best wishes,
N. Wunderlich

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