Texture upload sizes reviewed, Part 2

– In case you haven’t read Part 1, you can find it here

As already described in the previous posting, there is a difference between uploading at 512×512 and 1024×1024. Just to make that even more clear, I’ve created more examples – also in comparison to ‚textures on a prim‘, which was part of a question I got to the previous article.
Also, I have created a free box with examples, to which I’ll post the link at the end of this posting.
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The first thing I need to clarify is that the skin base which you’ll be seeing in all pictures is Eloh Eliot’s ‚Starlight‘ template, which you can find here.

So, the second part of this essay is dealing with textures on avatars vs. textures on prims. For the purpose of being able to compare those properly, I’ve created the following setup (just to show you what you’ll be seeing in the following pictures (note that all pics are clickable to enlarge them!):


 As you can (hopefully!) see, I’m wearing a skin, which I’ve also added on one side of two prims (upper and lower texture), which are shown next to my body. This is – as all pictures which show this setup in this essay – a straight, unedited SL snapshot.

 So, this essay will be dealing with:
a) a lace texture that stretches over upper and lower body texture;
b) said lace textures at several upload texture sizes and
c) the very same textures compared on the avatar body and on a prim (or rather, two prims) inworld.

Let’s start with what I see in my texturing software (this view, too, is explained in the first part of this essay). In this pic I’ve changed the opacity of the ‚upper‘ texture, just so you can see where the upper and lower texture are on the avatar:

 To be more specific, this is the lace texture without the ’skin‘ background:

 Here’s the resulting textures in SL, merged down on a 1024×1024 pixels texture, uploaded as 1024×1024, on the avatar and on the prims:

Here’s the cropped version of the actual textures used for that image, just so you can see what the textures look like when NOT shown on an avatar (remember you can click to enlarge them!):

As you can probably see, the texture seems to be much crisper on the prims. This is because, as I’ve already said in the last part, SL is rendering (=displaying) any texture that was uploaded larger than 512×512 (like this 1024×1024 one) as 512×512 on the avatar. However, on a prim, the very same texture is still rendered out at 1024×1024, so that should explain why the very same, large texture looks different on the avatar and on a prim.

Another example;  merged down on a 512×512 pixels texture, uploaded as 512×512, on the avatar and on the prims: 

And here’s the cropped textures for that picture:

As you can see, this time the texture looks precisely the same on the avatar and on the prim. That’s because it’s textured and uploaded as 512×512, so SL has no „reason“ to resize it in any way on the avatar.

Just for the records, another texture size – this time I’ve taken the 1024×1024 textures, resized them in Photoshop to 512×512, then uploaded those 512×512 textures to SL:


These two also show the same way on the avatar and on the prims – same story: Uploaded at 512×512. However, if you compare this with the 1024×1024 uploads (by all means, CLICK the picture to enlarge it!)…

…the 1024×1024 texture on the avatar (left) is still a tad crisper than the 1024×1024 which was resized to 512×512. Also, you can probably see how the 512×512 texture that was textured at 512×512 is, compared to both other texture sizes, completely lacking detail; particularly on the finer threads of the lace.

Just to enable you to actually see all this for yourself, I’ve created a box with all the textures, skins and the two prims, which I’m giving away on the SL marketplace for free. You can find it here. Hope it will help you to understand why texturing and uploading at 1024×1024, at least if creating textures that are to be displayed as avatar skin, tattoos and system clothing, is important.

Best wishes,

P.S.: If you found this and the last essay helpful and would like to thank me… well, I do have a ton of other items listed on the marketplace, and in case you like something, feel free to buy it 😉

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