Wunderlich’s „Burlesque Mesh“ outfit



 Wunderlich’s „Burlesque Mesh“ is a seamless, full showgirl / burlesque / saloon girl dancing outfit.

 It can be worn in several ways:

 It’s also available in no less than 17 colors, only some of which are shown in this posting!


The ‚Burlesque Mesh‘ outfit is available at Wunderlich’s, it’s currently on the ‚Latest Releases‘ wall close to the TP point. It’s also available on the SL marketplace, though there are only 8 colors and the fat pack listed.
Each color pack is L$599, a fat pack with all 17 colors is also available.

Hope you enjoyed the show, thanks for watching!

 Credit where credit is due:
Besides the „Burlesque Mesh“ outfit, you’ve just seen….
– The POSEUR – Showdolls stage prop
C-Stylez by CanTell Mizser – Dark Glass Animated Vanity Dresser Set;
– >TRUTH< Anthea – barley hair from the TRUTH Anthea – blondes package;
Wunderlich’s Kati – Tone 2 – ‚Khol‘ makeup;
– shape is mine and not for sale 😉

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