Gone from SL’s Inworld, but not gone from designing stuff…

Wunderlich’s main store in SL doesn’t exist any more. This is due to the fact that the income just didn’t justify having an inworld store any more.
However, many of my products are still available at the SL Marketplace.

I have now ventured into RL designing. To be specific, I have stores on:

Spoonflower for fabrics, wallpaper and wall decals;

Cafepress for a variety of designs printed on many products such as phone cases, rugs, shirts, curtains, jewelry and so on;
another Cafepress store for HDR color enhanced classical paintings;
and yet another Cafepress store for customizable photo frames;

and, last not least, the same on Zazzle:
One for a variety of designs, printed on shirts, ties, mugs, cans and so on;
another one for HDR enhanced classical paintings;
and the one for customizable photo prints.

I hope that you will still love my new RL stores if you liked the SL store 🙂

This website will remain connected for the purpose of documentation; but I just don’t see myself creating for SL any more.

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